M. Lamar


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M. Lamar

“The Lynching Song” has become central to M. Lamar’s practice. Inspired by the work of black liberation theologist James H. Cone’s bringing together the Christian cross with the lynching tree as a modern form of crucifixion, Lamar endeavors to engage a scared practice of remembrance, praise and sacrifice. Like the ritual singing of hymns, the artist’s hope through the continued performance of these songs is for the deepest spiritual and moral transformation. 

“I have always seen these lynching songs I write as a continuation of the African American Spiritual. These songs are surely how we have maintained the profound connection to our own humanity, as well as to those who have enslaved and oppressed us,” Lamar calls this Berlin Session iteration of the pieces. “There is never, in these songs, a thirst for vengeance or even anger. There is only love and a longing to be free, even if freedom means death.” 

Concept by M. Lamar
Cinematography by Jannik Morton Schneider
Camera by Ink Agop
Editing by Jannik Morton Schneider
Sound recording by Frieder Naumann & Bart Huybrechts
Post sound engineering by Nicholas Djukic Cocks
Video by Fine Freiberg
Lights by Sebastian Zamponi & Lea Schneidermann

Commissioned by Creamcake and HAU Hebbel am Ufer

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