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Rory Pilgrim

Rory Pilgrim’s “The Undercurrent” is the culmination of the film “The Undercurrent”—screening online for the duration of 3hd 2020’s “UNHUMANITY” festival week—and an online performance on November 7, 2020. Telling of urgent contemporary issues through music, the multidisciplinary artist’s film is a statement on the era of the climate crisis. It creates connections between art, activism and spirituality, while exploring community-building locally and globally, offline and online. Originally filmed in Boise, Idaho, with 10 young climate activists and the surrounding towns, Pilgrim builds on this project through a three-day “Undercurrent Laboratory” workshop in Berlin, exploring how to collectively respond to the problem of a rapidly warming planet. The closing event at HAU2 includes a live performance from these open-call participants, along with a string quartet and singer Ezra Hampikian. Idaho artist Declan Rowe John and other activists will take part online.

Ezra Hampikian
Declan Rowe John

String Quartet
Alice Colley
Esther López González
Eurico Ferreira Mathias
Fatmanur Sahin

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